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Paddy cultivation in Rabi poised for record high this year

Deccan Chronicle.| L. Venkat Ram Reddy

Published on: February 18, 2023 | Updated on: February 19, 2023
Paddy cultivation in the state are set to hit an all-time high this year. (PTI Photo)

Paddy cultivation in the state are set to hit an all-time high this year. (PTI Photo)

HYDERABAD: The Rabi crop sown area and paddy cultivation in the state are set to hit an all-time high this year.

In the 2020-21 rabi season, Telangana recorded total crop sown area of 68,14,155 acres, of which paddy alone accounted for 52,78,636 acres when the sowing season ended on March 15, 2021, which is the highest so far.

This year, as on February 15, the state recorded total crop sown area of 66,84,156, of which paddy has accounted for 51,53,858 acres. With a month to go for the ongoing rabi sowing to end, officials of agriculture department expect them to surpass all records. They attribute this to the good rains, increase in irrigation facilities, timely disbursement of rythu bandhu sops and free power.
All the major irrigation projects and reservoirs have sufficient water levels to meet the rabi demand. Even the medium and minor irrigation projects and tanks are brimming with water. The ground water levels in all the districts are also comfortable, prompting farmers to opt for paddy over other crops.

The state government’s move to procure paddy from farmers for MSP (minimum support price) by opening village-level procurement centres has also contributed to the huge demand for paddy crops.

In the 2021-22 rabi season, the total crop sown area was 54,41,985 acres. Of this, paddy accounted for a mere 35,84,187 acres. The government discouraged paddy cultivation last year citing Centre's restrictions on procurement of parboiled, usually produced in Telangana in rabi season due to summer heat.
Although the Centre continues to be firm on non-procurement of parboiled rice, the state government did not impose any restrictions and farmers too opted for paddy owing to the huge demand for rice in the national and international markets.

The state government and farmers are confident that even if FCI refuses to procure rice from Telangana in rabi this year, farmers would be able to sell their produce for MSP to private traders and exporters

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