Uttam Kumar Reddy demands experts panel on dams

HYDERABAD: Congress’ Nalgonda MP Uttam Kumar Reddy on Saturday demanded that the state government constitute an expert committee to study the safety of all existing dams and implement all its recommendations without any delay.

Reddy who inspected the left canal of Nagarjunasagar Project (NSP) which got breached last week, interacted with officials on the extent of damage and the repair works carried out. He spoke with residents of Mupparam, Gantukagudem and Narsimhulagudem, who had lost their crops, spread over 1,000 acres.

Later speaking to mediapersons, Uttam Kumar Reddy blamed government negligence for the ‘avoidable’ breach. "Normally, canals are regularly checked between spells of water release. Alas it is not so now," he said.

He said an area of nearly six lakh acres irrigated by the dam’s water was in grave danger due to the breach. Fifteen days had passed and there was no clarity on when the canal would be repaired, he said while adding that the standing crops were fast withering.

Earlier, after hoisting the Tricolour in Huzurnagar, Reddy accused the BJP, TRS and the MIM of distorting history to extract political mileage from the merger of Hyderabad State with the Indian Union in 1948.

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