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Eight high-value dogs recovered from the area near Ramoji Film City

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Published on: January 16, 2017 | Updated on: January 17, 2017

Police and rights activists recovered eight high-value dogs from hutments near Ramoji Film City.

The place where eight pedigreed dogs were recovered by police and activists.

The place where eight pedigreed dogs were recovered by police and activists.

Hyderabad: The area around Ramoji Film City has become a safe haven to hide pedigreed dogs that have been stolen from their owners. During a surprise raid by the Hayathnagar police and members of animal welfare groups, officials found eight stolen Rottweilers, German shepherds and dachshunds that had been put up for sale. The dogs were taken to a home and the case is under investigation.

It takes nearly Rs 10,000 per month to maintain these dogs, way above what the hut dwellers of the area could afford. Mr Dattatreya Joshi, founder of People for Animals, who took part in the raid, said, "Following a call from a volunteer, a team visited the area around Film City. We found hut dwellers housing eight dogs of expensive breeds. The dogs were being fed cooked rice and were up for sale."
He said the hut dwellers refused to disclose how they had got the dogs; they did not have any document of ownership. "It was a case of theft because these are fully grown pet dogs and not puppies," he said.

Some locals said that pet dogs that were kidnapped or had got lost in the city were housed in the huts and put up for sale. The price ranges from `25,000 to Rs 45,000 depending on the dog’s breed and age.

Missing dogs often remain untraced and are trafficked just like humans. An investigation into missing dog cases has revealed that either the dogs are stolen by breeders, die in road mishaps or are lost in the streets. Complaints of dogs going missing, being stolen or abducted are increasing in the city.

The police only makes out a FIR if there is evidence of abduction or theft. There is very little hope for owners of ever recovering their missing dogs. Animal welfare organisations host websites where these owners can post their complaints. Not many dogs are recovered.

Dogs are also subjected to abnormal cruelty. In a case reported in October, the Cyberabad police arrested a man in connection with the death of a female dog. The Mailardevpally police found that the dog was murdered and raped by a person identified as Aslam Khan, a native of Delhi who had come to the city a few days previously to meet his friends.

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