Summer heat taking heavy toll on people working outdoors

HYDERABAD: It is back to the days of heat torture, especially for those who have to work in the open.

Although school children are enjoying their summer holidays, the playgrounds are empty till late in the evenings because of the adverse climatic conditions

Unfortunately, there is no escape from the heat for the staff and students of some colleges as their holidays have been cut drastically because of the Covid-19 setback to academics.

While on the one hand, petty merchants are suffering heavily, the heat has affected vegetable markets, which are reporting slump in sales by almost 50 per cent.

According to Syed Saleem this has become a routine summer pain for all of them at Mir Alam Mandi market. “We open for the day hoping that some customers will come or we will get orders for functions.”

Tammali Prabhaker, who fills air at a Bharat Petroleum outlet, says, “Unbearable heat, I guess this year has been toughest for us. During daytime, there are hardly any two-wheelers coming to fill the air.”

Meanwhile, summers also promise seasonal income to those selling caps, umbrellas, lime, sugarcane and fresh fruit juices, lassi and buttermilk and tender coconut. Not surprisingly many enhance their prices to cater to the rising demand.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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