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After Nitin Gadkari, Kalraj Mishra says Manmohan Singh coined 'acche din'

Published Sep 15, 2016, 9:52 am IST
Updated Sep 15, 2016, 9:52 am IST
Mishra however said people have faith in Modi and are confident that 'acche din' will come.
Union minister Kalraj Mishra (Photo: PTI/File)
 Union minister Kalraj Mishra (Photo: PTI/File)

Bhopal: BJP veteran and Union minister Kalraj Mishra on Wednesday joined his colleague Nitin Gadkari, saying the catch-phrase "acche din" was indeed coined by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's predecessor Manmohan Singh.

"It is true that former prime minister Manmohan Singh had said that good days will come. To which our Prime Minister had said that when we come, good days will come," Mishra told reporters when his reaction was sought on Gadkari's comment.


However, seeking to dispel any negative perception, Mishra said people have faith in Modi and are confident that "acche din" will come. "I am sure that Gadkari too meant the same," he added.

Addressing a function in Mumbai yesterday, Mr Gadkari had said, "Acche din maan-ne se hota hai (Good days depends on one's belief). It was at an NRI meet in Delhi that Manmohan Singh had said that 'Acche din ayenge' (good days will come)."

Mr Gadkari had also said the slogan has become "a millstone around our neck."


The slogan was extensively used by PM Modi, who was then BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate, during Lok Sabha elections in 2014.

Mr Mishra said the NDA government is working to usher in "acche din" and that "an era of negativity in country has come to an end giving way to positivity".

"I can say with full faith that our government is taking ahead the process of ushering in 'acche din'. This has brought in positivity and positive thought has stemmed from it," the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Minister said.


He said the NDA government overcame "negativity" prevailing against the previous government which was "corrupt, scamster and could not provide security to country".

"Our government overcame this negativity. There might be comments like 'this should be done or that should be done', but positivity hasn't shrunk...People in villages are saying 'Modiji Karenge' (Modiji will do). They have faith," he said.

However, he dodged a query on when will the 'acche din' come.