Highest temperature of season at 45.9 degree C in Mancherial district

ADILABAD: Reeling under the impact of the highest temperatures of the season are the people of Adilabad, Mancherial, Komaram Bheem Asifabad and Nirmal for the last three days.

The highest temperature this summer at 45.9 degree C was recorded in Kondapur village in Kasipet mandal of Mancherial district on Sunday. Meanwhile, 45.8 degree C was recorded in Jannaram, 45.5 in Neelvai, and 45.4 in Bellampalli in the district.

Today was the hottest day of this season in the state. For the last three days, temperatures touched 44 degree C in the erstwhile Adilabad district.

The 44.3 degrees C temperature was recorded in the erstwhile Adilabad district on Saturday as per a release of the Telangana State Development planning society.

Meanwhile, 45.4 degree C was recorded in Kerameri in Komaram Bheem Asifabad district.

This being the marriage season, the high heat conditions are causing a lot of trouble to the local population. People are mostly sitting indoors during the entire daytime. Many were seen wearing towels and have their heads and ears covered with another cloth when they stir out of homes.

People avoided travel with their families especially on two-wheelers and instead used cars or autos to reach their destinations.

Medical experts advised the people especially children and the elderly to remain within the confines of their homes and cautioned them about the possibility of dehydration and fainting due to the high temperatures. It would be good if people consume more water and take juices to keep their body cool, they said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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