No removal of donor’s name to Tummalapalli Kshetrayya Vaari Kalakshetram

Vijayawada: The Vijayawada Municipal Corporation has refuted the allegations of political parties and organizations vis-à-vis the change in the name of Tummalapalli Kshetrayya Vaari Kalakshetram and removal of the donor's name.

VMC commissioner Swapnil Dinkar Pundkar said here on Tuesday that the news about a change in the name to Kalakshetram, removing donor Tummalapalli Kshetrayya Vaari, was false. During the Krishna river pushkarams in 2019, renovation works were carried out for the Tummalapalli Kshetrayya Vaari Kalakshetram and the front elevation was removed.

Later, in Dec-2021, restoration works were carried out. After completion of the works, a glow sign was arranged by the present board, meaning that the structure is meant for cultural programmes.

He said that VMC did not remove the names of donor Tummalapalli and prolific Telugu writer Kshetrayya.

Dinkar Pundkar said VMC is preparing a board for the Tummalapalli Kshetrayya Vaari Kalakshetram.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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