IT staff protest Naidu's arrest in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Scores of Information Technology (IT) professionals working in Hyderabad's IT Corridor gathered at Wipro Junction, Gachibowli, to protest against the arrest of former AP chief minister N. Chandrababu Naidu by AP police three days ago.

As the crowd continued to grow and decided to organise a rally, the police prevented them from doing so. However, when the situation escalated, the police had to use mild force on the protesters, including members of the Telugu Professionals Wing, the professional wing of the TD, and disperse them.

Holding placards that read ‘I Stand With CBN’, professionals gathered at the junction, chanting slogans, demanding Naidu’s immediate release, and denouncing AP police’s actions as atrocious. Notably, a large number of women participated in the protest.

“We are in well-paid jobs and enjoy respect in society today, all thanks to his vision and planning that paved the way for our successful careers and well-settled lives,” said one professional.

They claimed that Hyderabad’s global prominence was due to Naidu’s efforts and were deeply distressed by his arrest, likening it to a personal loss.

“It feels like something bad is happening to our family members. Because of all he has done for Telugu people and us youngsters, he is like a father figure to us, and we stand in solidarity with him,” added another protester.

They also pointed out that Naidu’s policies had been admired worldwide and called for his return to power in 2024. “If he regains power, he will propel Andhra Pradesh a century ahead in terms of development and numerous other aspects,” they asserted.

Meanwhile, similar protests were held in Bengaluru and Pune to condemn Naidu's arrest and demand his immediate release.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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