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Flood threat haunts Nandyal district

Published Sep 14, 2020, 1:08 pm IST
Updated Sep 14, 2020, 1:08 pm IST
Atmakur Mandal received the highest rainfall as 166.60 mm followed by Mahanandi with 148.20 mm

Heavy rains pounded the Nandyal area for 24 hours even as a flood threat started at Nandyal town. Already Kundu is carrying 20000 cusecs of water, while Mahanndi received 148.2 mm (14.8 cms), Nandyal received 12.6 cms of rain.

Heavy rains at Mahanandi is causing around Nandyal, where canals submerge low-lying areas. Officials have sounded alert in the area.  Paleru river and Chama Kaluva are also swelling. People are worried about rains continuing till Monday morning.


Flood water breached several local rivers, causeways, snapped road links at places on Sunday, particularly in the Nandyal.

There was a near flood situation in several colonies. Srisailam, Nandyal, Allagadda, Banaganapalle, Pathikonda and Nandikotkur Assembly segments have been fully affected and many agricultural water tanks and streams were overflowing.
Kundu River, which is carrying 20000 cusecs of Krishna water, is joined by rainwater from Mahanandi and Nandyal. Water has spread into residents of NTR colony, Syamakaluva, Srinivas Nagar, Rajiv Nagar, RTC bus station area and also damaged several business establishments in the town.


With the rain lashing several low lying areas in Atmakur, Pamulapadu, Velugodu, Kothapalli, Mahanandi, Bandi Atmakur, Rudravaram were also submerged.
Nandyal Tahsildhar Ravi Kumar along with his staff and police personnel visited the low-lying areas in the town and alerted people to shift to safer areas. He sounded high alert in the low-lying areas on the banks of Kundu river.

Locals rescued two youth at Yellavathula village in Rudravaram Mandal while they were washed out into a local stream. But their bike was washed away in the floodwater. Transmission links were struck for three hours on the Gajulapalli to Mahanandi road, Sivapuram to Kothapalli road, Guvvalakuntla to Kothapalli road, Velugodu to Nandyal road because of overflowing causeways.


Atmakur Mandal received the highest rainfall as 166.60 mm followed by Mahanandi with 148.20 mm, Nandyal 126.20 mm and Mantralayam Mandal received the lowest rainfall 2.60 mm.

Rainfall in Nandyal Division
1)Mahanandi - 148.2 mm
2)Nandyal  -     126.2 mm
3)Uyyalawada -  64.6 mm
4)Kolimigundl  - 61.4 mm
5)C.Marri   -        57.2 mm
6)B.Atmakur   -   55.2 mm
7)Allagadda   -   54.6 mm
8)Dornipadu   -   50.6 mm
9)Panyam    -      49.2 mm
10)Rudravarm -  45.0 mm
11)Gospadu  -    42.4 mm
12)Sirvella     -    41.4 mm
13)B.Palli     -      35.4 mm
14)Sanjamala -  32.4 mm
15)Gadivemul  - 24.0 mm
16)Owk    -          18.4 mm
17)K.Kuntla   -      3.2 mm
Division Total Rainfall:-  909.4 mm
Division Average:       53.4 mm