Kapu Nadu meeting concludes peacefully despite chaos

KAKINADA: The Aikya Kapu Nadu meeting organised in Kakinada on Sunday witnessed chaos and commotion, with political differences surfacing at the meeting which, however, concluded peacefully.

The meeting started with Kapu Nadu general secretary Thummala Srirama Murthy in the chair. Initially, Kapu Nadu and Telugu Desam leader Vasireddy Yesudas spoke at the meeting and went out. Thereafter, YSRC leaders, including former Kakinada mayor S. Lakshmi Siva Prasanna and Visakhapatnam Library Committee chairman Konda Rajeev spoke.

Subsequently, Srirama Murthy allowed Kakinada Urban Development Authority chairperson R. Chandrakala Deepthi. At this stage, those within the gathering complained that only speakers belonging to ruling YSRC are being invited to speak.

Following this, Deepthi’s followers started raising slogans that she will go on to become the MLA from Kakinada. Some of the Kapu Nadu leaders reprimanded Deepthi’s followers for their behaviour.

Then, Machilipatnam Jana Sena leader V. Dharma Rao demanded that all Kapus must support Jana Sena as its chief Pawan Kalyan is mingling with all castes.

Aikya Kapu Nadu leader Janapamula Nagababu remarked that Kapu Nadu will back the party that has the majority support of Kapu community. He went on to remark that Kapus have not received any help from either Reddy or Kamma parties and their only option is Pawan Kalyan.

After a lot of discussion, the leaders decided that the party getting support from majority of the Kapu community will probably be Jana Sena. However, they also said Kapu Nadu should pressurise all political parties to field Kapu candidates in proportion to their population. Similarly, other communities like BCs, SCs and STs must also be given seats in proportion to their population.

The meeting said Kapus must render support to BCs, SCs and STs and other downtrodden sections, while themselves garnering support from them.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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