Diamond hunt in Gudimetla: Family finds rare Shatbuji diamond

VIJAYAWADA: A diamond hunt is on in Gudimetla on the banks of River Krishna in the NTR district amid the buzz of a man finding a 6-faceted valuable diamond there.

During the initial phase of the monsoon season every year, people come to Gudimetla for diamond search. This year, a family of Sattenapalli in Palanadu district that rushed to Gudimetla is said to be the luckiest.

According to the reports, the family from Bigubanda village found the rare hexagonal diamond called Shatbuji. The reports said the family is tight-lipped about the diamond and is trying to sell it secretly for a good price.

The estimated price is ₹60 lakhs, but local traders are reportedly trying to give it up to ₹40 lakhs. The Gudimetla village is situated on the banks of Krishna. Locals said diamonds are found rarely but people from near and far come to Gudimetla to test their luck.

In the past, the Gudimetla area was ruled by local ‘kings’ and there were rumours that diamonds would be found there. When the rainy season starts, the people start hunting on the hill near the temple. “Recently three diamonds were found. The news spread fast and many more people came to test their luck,” locals said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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