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Save Mahbub College, cry alumni

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Published on: April 13, 2022 | Updated on: April 13, 2022

Alumni are planning to make representations to concerned authorities in the government and administration to push their case

Mahbub College High School. (Photo: Facebook)

Mahbub College High School. (Photo: Facebook)

HYDERABAD: The iconic 160-year-old education institution in Secunderabad, Mahbub College High School, which was formed to impart quality and affordable education to economically backward and poorer sections, is now mired in numerous controversies.

While the institution is engaged for some time now in a legal battle for its due share of revenue from sister institutions, which it had promoted in the past few years, a power struggle among members of its managing committees, purportedly with an eye on prime land and properties owned by the school, has further added to its woes.

In an unexpected and surprising development, the existing managing committee, with its four-year tenure, which was extended till November 2023 (as per records of the Office of Registrar of Societies), was arbitrarily and unilaterally dissolved, without following proper procedures, on April 4, 2022.

A new body was constituted post-haste, with even day-to-day banking operations swiftly taken control by the newly "elected" office-bearers. Several people associated with the institutions alleged that it was a "pre-planned conspiracy".

Anger is brewing among citizens, including former students. Shocked by unsavoury happenings in their Alma Mater, former students decided to convene a special general body of their association to chalk out various remedial measures, with the slogan ‘Save Mahbub College’.

Alumni are planning to make representations to concerned authorities in the government and administration to push their case.

Mahbub College was formed in 1862 to cater to the educational needs of students belonging to poorer sections. P. Somasundaram Mudaliar, a renowned philanthropist, used his proximity with Sir Salar Jung and other nobles to set up a school called Anglo Vernacular School. With generous contributions and donations from a number of prominent citizens including Sir Salar Jung and Mir Mahbub Ali Khan Bahadur. A number of buildings came up in the nearly 10 acres of land to accommodate vast number of students seeking admission. The school was renamed Mahbub College to commemorate Hyderabad Nizam’s accession to throne.

Such was the fame of Mahbub College, Swami Vivekananda visited and addressed a public meeting on February 13, 1893 before leaving for the USA, where he made the famous speech at the Parliament of Religions.

The school produced a vast number of prominent personalities in different fields, including former Chief of Indian Navy Admiral Ramdas Katari, IAS Officers like Maj. N.K. Guruswamy, Mohan Kanda, IPS Officers like S. Anandram and A. Venkat Rao, Air Marshal P. Jai Kumar and Air Marshal Mianek B. Madan, Capt. N. Ashok Kumar, who was martyred in 1971 war against East Pakistan, sports personalities like Triple Olympian (Hockey) Mukesh Kumar, cricketer M. L. Jaisimha, tennis star S.P. Misra, film director Shyam Benegal and economist Mohan Guruswamy.

Over the years, the college established several institutions under its umbrella including the Centenary School, (on land provided by Defence authorities near Parade Grounds). The management entered into an agreement in 2015 with private parties to come out of a deep financial crisis, following alleged misuse of funds of SVIT Engineering College to the tune of nearly Rs 15 crore.

Enquiries revealed that the-then management of Mahbub College entered into an agreement with the Venkat Narayana Education Society (VNES) in 2015, a society floated by Dr K. Anil Kumar.

Anil Kumar brought Dr. Rev. K.V.K. Rao for purpose of financing operations of both SVIT and Bolton School and clear pending liabilities in 2019. Problems for Mahbub College began with VNES not adhering to the agreement of paying 50 per cent of revenue generated from SVIT and Bolton School.

To avoid payments, IT statements were allegedly fudged, which ultimately led to notices being served to Mahbub College.

Differences cropped up between Dr Anil Kumar and K.V.K. Rao over financial matters, leading to filing of cases. Dr Kumar, in a letter addressed to the college on November 8, 2021, made serious allegations against Rao, accusing him of "unauthorised transfer of huge amounts from the bank accounts of SVIT and Bolton School".

Subsequently, Dr Kumar was compelled to compromise with Rao. The office-bearers of present managing committee became target of wrath of Dr. Kumar, post which a coup was enacted to dislodge existing office bearers without following proper procedures. Old students are now demanding a thorough inquiry by the CBI or ED to save Mahbub College.

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