Colleges need stability for planning to expand: G Gopal Reddy

Due to the mushrooming of colleges, teaching standards have dropped drastically.

HYDERABAD: Dr G. Gopal Reddy, the lone UGC member from the state, says colleges need to be stabilised first, and they can look for expansion later. “Due to the mushrooming of colleges, teaching standards have dropped drastically that is reflected in (the quality of) lakhs of students graduating every year. Almost 90 per cent of these students, neither have sound knowledge of the subject nor communication and industry skills to get a job,” said Dr Reddy, a former Osmania University professor.

The decision to halt expansion could be understood, he said. Expansion without ensuring quality education is useless. Earlier, 11 managements, without considering the stand of the government, got the approval from National Council for Teacher Education to set up BEd colleges in the state. The state government did not issue them the mandatory order to start functioning. The matter is in the Supreme Court. The 184 BEd colleges churn out scores of teacher every year even though they fail to find jobs. The government does not see the need for more colleges.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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