APHC sentences Guntur commissioner to a month's imprisonment, GMC to file appeal

The high court has sentenced the commissioner of GMC to one month's simple imprisonment and a fine of 2,000

Vijayawada: The AP High Court on Tuesday sentenced the Commissioner of Guntur Municipal Corporation to a month’s simple imprisonment in a contempt of court case linked to encroachment of endowment land of Yadavalli Satram in Kothapet, Guntur.

Kappagantu Janakiram of Vijayawada filed a writ petition in the high court saying the property was being used illegally by Guntur municipal corporation for running a school without paying a single rupee as rent. Earlier the High Court ordered to pay money according to usage of land to Satram but GMC did not follow the same hence HC issued contempt of court orders. GMC officials said they would file an appeal on the HC order.

Phanidut Chanakya, advocate for the petitioner, said the 3,300 yard land of Yadavalli's Satram in the city was occupied by GMC from 1965 and it was still running a school styled as Kasu Sayamma Municipal School.

“Anyone who took possession of the property of the Yadavalli Satram without a valid lease is an illegal occupier. Government departments are no exception to this,” he stated.

The high court has sentenced the commissioner of GMC to one month’s simple imprisonment and a fine of 2,000. The court ordered the commissioner to surrender at the office of the HC registrar on Jan 2, 2024.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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