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Woman from Kozhikode wins Asia HRD award

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Published on: September 13, 2017 | Updated on: September 13, 2017

Jyothi Menon is an HR veteran of 20 years.

Jyothi Menon

Jyothi Menon

KOZHIKODE: Jyothi Menon, hailing from Thiruvannur, Kozhikode, has recently won the Asia-Pacific HRD award in the ‘contribution to HRD’ category. Ms Menon is also the author of several management books and fiction and is currently working on a children’s book for the United Nations on the theme sustainable development. "The story is about the need to arouse a young generation about the world they are going to inherit. Awakening them to protect it and about telling them to get proactive now so that when they do inherit this earth they do inherit a beautiful place, not a crumbling environment on the verge of becoming extinct," says the author.

Ms Menon has over 20 years of experience in human resources from start-ups to multinational environments.  Through her expertise she has base-lined processes and metrics, improved speed of productivity, created scalability and efficiency, established minimum standards and the governance model required for a global HR operations environment. The ‘Contribution to HR Community’ award recognised her work on linking the organisation’s diversity strategy with business strategy to deliver business performance.

She is currently working as Director Human Resources, Credit Suisse. Ms Menon has written an anthology of short stories "Kathayil alpam karyam" co-authored with Sanu Yesudas and has written ‘The Lock on Bridge Tumski’, an Indo-Polish historical fiction. Her "The Angel of God" is a full length fiction feature. She spent five years researching and three years writing this book. Coming to her work in management, "The Power of Human Relations", is the Bible for efficient growth and a sure-shot route map for profitability. "BrandWise" is about creating the brand of an organization to attract talent. The third one, "ME, a Winner" is about discovering that life is not just about education and a job.

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