Rs 350 crore water grid project for Bugganipalle Thanda in Dhone

KURNOOL: Finance Minister Buggana Rajendranath has announced the allocation of Rs.350 crores for the implementation of a water grid project for Bugganipalle Thanda in Dhone Mandal.

The minister made the announcement while inaugurating a newly constructed Urdu Primary School at Gowripet in Bethamcherla Mandal on Saturday. He also announced that the government is planning to transform the Bilva Swarga area into a tourist destination and allocate Rs2 crore for the purpose.

Rajendrnath said the water grid project would provide access to clean and safe drinking water for the residents of Bugganipalle Thanda. He also emphasised the importance of education in fostering mental development and assured that the government would provide quality educational facilities to the people of the region.

The minister also pointed out the progress made in various projects, including the construction of permanent buildings for ITIs, MSMEs, Polytechnic Colleges, and BC Residential Schools in the constituency. He said the government has been positively responding to requests for expanding facilities such as protection walls, additional classrooms, verandah grills, and kitchens for schools.

Rajendrnath also acknowledged the improvements in the safety and overall development of Bethamcherla Mandal. He recalled the transformation of the Mandal from a place where miners used to grab firewood at gunpoint to a peaceful and progressing region. He mentioned the development of peacocks roaming around the city of Dhone as a testament to the positive changes.

The minister also announced that a dedicated park will be established for minority families in a suitable location beyond the Ayya Tank. He responded to opposition claims by saying that achievements are the true reflection of the government's commitment, rather than mere social media propaganda. He emphasised that the government's focus remains on completing crucial projects quickly for the welfare of the people.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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