Greens fume over felling of trees for temple fest

The district administration should initiate action to book the culprits behind this crime, Mr. Krishnan demanded.

Coonoor: The felling of nearly half-a-dozen trees along the roadside in the Ottupattari area here in Coonoor town in connection with a forthcoming temple function has angered the Greens as they demanded action from the district administration in Nilgiris to book the culprits behind this eco-crime.

Stating that the felling of well grown cyprus trees amounts to a crime against nature and the ecology of the area, Mr. S. Anantha Krishnan, member of the Citizens' Forum of Coonoor and a social activist here in the hills, said that enquirers revealed that the trees had been illegally felled.

“Some persons, including ruling party bigwigs, created a hype to create the impression that the Chief Minister is visiting the hills this weekend to take part in the temple consecration in the Ottupattari area. They are trying to keep officials
in the grip of fear and have unleashed unlawful activities such as the felling of trees. It is a gross violation of the Forest Act as one has to take proper permission from the committee in the district administration to cut any tree even on private lands. In this case, trees along municipal land have been felled. The
district administration should initiate action to book the culprits behind this crime,” Mr. Krishnan demanded.

Striking the same tone, Mr. B.K. Kumaran, president of the Nilgiris Ecology and Animal Protection Samithi, said that temples and temple related functions should be the platforms to teach people about greenery and conservation. “It is obvious that since ruling AIADMK party bigwigs are learnt to be behind this issue, officials too are keeping silent,” he charged.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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