PeKromm is all about earth!

Uday's poems on frogs have a unique release.

KALPETTA: A book of poems by Uday Hue on a frog’s life and nature was released in a novel way on Friday. Instead of a celebrity, the book was released by a farmer and received by a woman farm worker. The venue also was unique. It was released in the habitat of the frog, a slushy paddy field at Mecherivayal, Panamaram, here. The collection of poems called PeKromm was released by the famous indigenous seed preserver Cheruvayal Raman who handed over the book to a young woman farmer. Mr Raman also distributed payasam for the less than 50 people including labourers gathered at the spot.

Uday Hue told DC that the whole function took only 20 minutes. The poem deals with nature and the name ‘PeKromme’ is the sound of the frog. “So I decided to conduct the book release among those who are close to nature, the farmers and farm labourers”, he said. “I am happy that my book was released in such a natural ambience by the real sons and daughters of the soil”, he added. “I respect the farmers because I respect life and its divinity. In this living chain - Poetry, Farmer and the croaking of a Frog, everything is connected in a circle”, he added. Uday Hue had earlier brought out the internationally acclaimed photography series called “Hues & Brks” and a music album called Gajaayana which reveals the agony of a wild elephant.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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