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Locals tired of auto drivers refusing rides in Hyderabad

Deccan Chronicle.| Sanjay Samuel Paul

Published on: June 12, 2022 | Updated on: June 12, 2022

Auto drivers refuse ride if the destination is not towards where they wish to proceed

A file photo of autorickshaws. (Photo: DC)

A file photo of autorickshaws. (Photo: DC)

Hyderabad: Getting an autorickshaw is becoming an arduous affair in the city. Although autorickshaw drivers lament a fall in patronage, it has often been noticed that many of  them confirm a ride through app-based platforms only to cancel the trip within no time, leaving the passengers in the lurch.

Moreover, if the destination is not towards where the driver wishes to proceed, he will flatly refuse. Those who agree to take passengers will charge double or even three times the fare.

IT professional Rahul Pranay Kumar said "to engage an auto for a ride is like taking part in an IPL auction. They charge abnormally and refuse to come to the other side of the road. When I had to attend a function on Saturday, ten drivers cancelled bookings. On the main road, some auto guys outright refused because my destination was on the opposite side of where they had to go. Those who were willing to take me quoted exorbitant fares. I dread what will happen to passengers, who have to rush during medical emergencies."

There are around 1.20 lakh autorickshaws in the city while it was 68,469 in August 2002, when the government imposed a ban on new autos in the city limits. In September 2012, the government gave permission to vehicles running on LPG.

Between 2002 and 2022, the city has expanded geographically and the population has also increased. Now auto-rickshaw unions are demanding the government to lift the ban on new registrations imposed in 2002.

A. Sathi Reddy from the Telangana Auto Union JAC said, "When there is no restriction on other vehicles, why single us out? Allowing more autos to ply on the roads will lead to a healthy competition. Passengers will stand to benefit immensely. Even after many representations to RTA authorities, there is no response to our plea for increasing meter charges. The last increase was in February 2012. The government should intervene as both the drivers and passengers are suffering."

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