Aadudam Andhra matches turn violent in Nandyal

Kurnool: A kabaddi match between two teams turned violent as players stopped playing and engaged in a physical altercation at Gospadu mandal of Nandyal district. The clash occurred between the Gospadu and Kandlapalle teams during the Aadudam Andhra event. The disagreement escalated, leading to an attack on one of the team's players, and a brawl ensued on the pitch. Despite volunteers serving as referees, they were unable to intervene and the situation only diffused upon the arrival of the police.

A similar incident occurred at the local government junior college premises in Nandikotkur, where sportspersons attacked each other. The altercation stemmed from a dispute between teams of Santhanikota and Nagatur over the distribution of T-shirts, turning the playground into a battleground. The dispute escalated to the point where the people involved resorted to fighting with plastic chairs.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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