Hyderabad skies keep citizens guessing about the weather

Hyderabad: Hyderabadis have been experiencing more than one season in a day, or so they say. Most places across the city have been witnessing winter, summer and even spring within 24 hours, netizens wrote on various social media platforms.

“I go for basketball practice every morning and noticed temperatures as low as 13° Celsius at 6 am in Alwal. I head to college in a jumper only to realise it's 22° C, and during lunch, I'm sweating in warm clothes on the ground because it's now 30° C,” says Kavya Sree, a commerce student.

Twitter and Instagram were abuzz with conversations and memes about the same. “For those who leave home early in the morning, those around wonder why they're in woollen clothes when it's blazing hot in the middle of a traffic jam,” said Anooj R., an IT professional.

India Meteorological Department scientists, however, explained that this phenomenon is not uncommon during winter. “This usually happens in the month of January. Such drastic difference of temperatures in a day has been observed for a few years now,” said Dr K. Nagaratna, the head scientist of IMD-Hyderabad.

She said that the phenomenon was more common down south, when compared to northern parts of the country. “It is more common in Telangana because of its distance from the seas and hills. Days start with mist and fog and go on to clear up and have warmer afternoons,” she said, adding that the phenomenon would most likely end by January 20.

Telangana weatherman T. Balaji attributed the phenomenon to low relative humidity over the past two-three days. “Because of lower relative humidity that has mostly been around 10-15 per cent in the recent past, the temperature drops very fast during the night time,” he said.

Since the northerly winds have changed direction now, Balaji said that temperatures in the night and wee hours of the day will soon return to “bearable normalcy”, starting Friday.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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