Most suicide helpline numbers in city are non-functional

These numbers are available on Google and select websites

Hyderabad: Most suicide helpline numbers in the city do not exist or they are constantly busy, say people seeking help.

These numbers are available on Google and select websites. People say that when they look for helpline numbers online and make a call, hardly anybody answers. If they do get someone on the line, there is a communication gap because of a language barrier.

September 10 is observed as 'World Suicide Prevention Day'. It focuses on the message that suicide can be prevented. The most preferred choice of the people in distress seeking help is through helpline numbers. A person who wanted help due to her uncontrollable suicidal tendencies referred to an article online that mentioned at least ten suicide helpline numbers, unfortunately, none of them picked up, said the person seeking help.

When Deccan Chronicle referred to the same article and dialed a few numbers none of them picked up the call or the numbers did not exist. DC also tried to dial other numbers displayed online, of which some private NGOs answered the call.

Johnson Thomas, who has been running an NGO for 23 years, said that earlier people most of those who felt like ending their lives were either lovelorn individuals or were driven by exam stress. Now there are other issues like no financial support, emotional support, peer pressure, abusive parents, partners who do not understand the person and lack of jobs. “People who take loans are also vulnerable as they are constantly tortured and those who are threatened that their morphed photos would be used on adult websites,” said Johnson.

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