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Former union minister's daughter launches corona awareness campaign

Deccan Chronicle| vittal shastri

Published on: April 10, 2020 | Updated on: April 10, 2020

Daughter of former Union minister G M Siddeshwar, Ashwini Srinivas, recovered after being tested positive for Covid-19 earlier

Ashwini Srinivas.

Ashwini Srinivas.

Hubballi: The former Union minister and Davangere Lok Sabha member G M Siddeshwar's daughter Ashwini Srinivas, who has now recovered after being tested positive for Covid-19, has launched an awareness campaign about the virus through social media.

She along with family members had returned to Davangere from Gayana due to ethnic conflict in that country. She chose to undergo a health check-up soon after the return even though she had no symptoms of virus infection.

Later, she isolated herself after being tested positive.

Stressing the need to practice regular yoga for the patients infected with coronavirus, she said that meditation will help gain physical and mental strength to combat the stress caused due to the virus infection during the quarantine period.

She has also advised those who return from abroad and other states to undergo compulsory health checks as precautions even if they do not have symptoms of the virus.

Urging the people to maintain social distancing, she said the virus infected persons shouldn't be socially ousted.

"There is no need to panic about coronavirus. But, people should remain safe at their homes and extend support to PM Narendra Modi and chief minister B S Yediyurappa who are taking all steps to control the spread of this deadly virus. People should undergo home quarantine if they have travel history, keeping in mind of the health condition of those living around them", said Ashwini Srinivas who was discharged from the hospital on April 6.

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