TD Demands Withdrawal of G.O.512 on Land Jurisdiction

Kurnool: MLC and Kurnool Telugu Desam parliament segment president B.T. Naidu has demanded cancellation of G.O. 512, against which lawyers have been protesting.

Addressing media on Saturday, he said the state government should immediately revoke the G.O., as it has led to confusion within the judiciary and revenue system. Naidu pointed out that traditionally, civil cases related to land are handled by the judiciary. However, with the introduction of this G.O., land-related cases will move out of the judiciary's purview and go to the revenue department.

The TD MLC expressed apprehensions that this shift could cause significant injustice to farmers and others who are trying to secure their land rights through legal means. He felt the change will undermine the ability of individuals to get a fair solution for their land-related disputes. On the ongoing re-survey of lands by state government in urban and rural areas, Naidu said surveyors are marking red lines at some places. This has led to concerns that the re-survey will lead to years of disputes. He mentioned that in some cases revenue staff have erred in land measurements, whereby records got updated inaccurately. This has resulted in significant reductions of land previously owned by families for generations.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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