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Basavaraj Bommai calls Congress 'Gangotri of Corruption'

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Published on: November 8, 2022 | Updated on: November 8, 2022
CM Bommai at Adi Udupi Helipad in Udupi (Photo by arrangement)

CM Bommai at Adi Udupi Helipad in Udupi (Photo by arrangement)

UDUPI: Defining Congress as the ‘Gangotri of Corruption,’ Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai alleged that to hide their corruption the Congress leaders were making false charges against the BJP government in the state.
Bommai was speaking to reporters at Adi Udupi Helipad on Monday morning.
Bommai is scheduled to participate in Jana Sankalpa Yatra and other events in Udupi district today.

"Corruption started during Congress rule. For 50 years when they ruled, there was corruption everywhere. Congress is Gangotri of Corruption. To hide their corruption, they are making charges against us. Congress means lies and lies means Congress," he quipped when asked about AICC Chief Mallikarjun Kharge’s charges against BJP.

On Siddaramaiah’s statement about Congress returning to power, Bommai said that none of the prophecies of the former Chief Minister came true.

"Congress had more than 120 seats and ruled the state for five years but did not return to power in the election. People were fed up with their misrule and voted them out. You should note that Siddaramaiah’s statements never come true. He had said that Yediyurappa would never become Chief Minister again. But Yediyurappa became CM. Siddaramaiah said Congress would return to power and he would become CM but that did not happen," he said.

Stating that the Jana Sankalpa Yatra of the BJP received a good response in the state, Bommai declared that the party would come to power again.

"During our tour, we have seen the BJP wave in the state. There is good support from the people and workers are enthusiastic after this Yatra," he added.

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