With no promotions, 2009 batch SIs losing seniority and career benefits


8 February 2023

Hyderabad: More than 200 sub-inspectors of the 2009 batch have not got their promotions due to the lack of coordination between the department and the state government. Others of the same batch have been promoted as inspector, as also their junior from subsequent batches in the Warangal range.

“We are losing our seniority, career benefits and are working under those from our succeeding batches,” an SI said.

In all, 220 SIs of the 2009 batch were promoted between 2017 and 2020. There were 25 vacancies left but in 2021, due to a technical error, these were not added to the list. It could have been rectified in a week, sources said, but the process took six months.

After rectification, the SIs faced a hurdle with the state government announcing the new zonal system. Promotions were put on hold citing the new service rules. Meanwhile, 50 SIs from the 2012 batch were promoted as inspectors, and some of them are posted over the 2009 batch SIs.

As the service rules issue was also delayed, the SIs pursued their matter with the department, following which a proposal to consider SI posts as statewide posts was sent to the government. This was not pursued and the file gathered dust.

Meanwhile, the state government sanctioned 150 new inspector posts, but that did not help the 2009 batch Sis.

“The actions of the fovernment and the police department indicate they are acting on our concerns, but nobody is taking it up seriously and pursuing the matter. The interest shown while posting officers to the newly created posts of DCP and ACP in Cyberabad and Rachakonda commissionerates is lacking in processing our promotions which are long due,” an SI said.

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