G20 team visits Lepakshi, enthused at sight of hanging pillar

By DECCAN CHRONICLE | DC Correspondent

8 February 2023

ANANTAPUR: The G-20 delegates were astonished over the exemplary architecture of the five-century-old historic Lepakshi after they were treated to a sight of the ‘hanging pillar’ inside the Lord Veerabhadra Swamy temple complex on Tuesday. The delegates expressed great enthusiasm at the sight of the hanging pillar balancing the entire structure.

A team of 29 delegates from various countries of G-20 visited the Lepakshi temple after a trip to the biggest Solar Park near Pavagada in the Tumkur district of Karnataka, closer to the Satyasai district borders.  The Lepakshi has been listed in a temporary tentative list for the World Heritage Sites of UNESCO.

The visit of the G-20 delegates helped draw special attention of the world to the historic architecture of the Vijayanagara Empire. In this connection, the state government would submit detailed documentation to UNESCO through the Centre.

The G-20 delegates arrived from Bengaluru through Chimathur to Pavagada and visited Solar Park. The Karnataka tourism department made necessary arrangements for the visit of the delegates to Lepakshi en route.
The Archeological Survey of India’s Amaravati wing had decorated the Lepakshi temple and its surroundings well. The team reached the spot in a bus and got a traditional welcome from the tour organisers. Every delegate was offered a traditional sesha vastram and garland at the entrance of the temple.

ASI  Amaravati circle superintendent Dr Gopinath Jana and his team described the historic notes of Lepakshi along with exclusive structures. The team had seen mural paintings on the roof of the temple.

The team enthusiastically experimented with the concept by keeping a cloth beneath the hanging pillar -- that was not only balancing without support but also controlling the entire temple mandapam. The G-20 delegates offered poojas at the Lord Veerabhadra Swamy and Goddess Durga Devi temples and the priests offered prasadam for them.

Later, the delegates visited the other exclusive structures like the Ganapati, the incomplete Natya Mantapam with different designs and other installations in the temple. The delegates also visited the world’s biggest Nandi. The team praised the architectural concepts used there five centuries ago, which stood the tests of the time.    

Satya Sai collector Basanth Kumar, SP Rahul Singh, Anantapur ASI assistant conservator Balakrishna Reddy and several other officials were present. The team returned to Bengaluru after the Lepakshi visit.

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