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Ichoda (Adilabad): Leafy vegetables in good demand as mercury rises

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Published on: April 7, 2016 | Updated on: April 7, 2016

Growing the vegetables to meet the demand is very important otherwise the prices will fall when there is good yield.

These vegetables are popular summer leafy vegetables.

These vegetables are popular summer leafy vegetables.

Ichoda (Adilabad):  Leafy vegetables are in good demand in the hot summer. The prices of leafy vegetables increased two folds and also their sales as they are popular Chaluva Akukuralu (cool leafy vegetables).

People prefer green leafy vegetables more in the hot summer as they contain water in good quantity that keeps the body cool. People purchase leafy vegetables such as Gangavailikura and two varieties of Thotakura, Palakura and Menthikura these days. These vegetables are popular summer leafy vegetables.

Ramagiri Rajalingu, a roadside vendor at Ichoda, said he sells nearly 100 bundles of Gangavailikura alone per day beside other leafy vegetables as people ask for leafy vegetables as temperatures rise. He sells two bundles of Gangavailikura for Rs 15.

Farmers are growing leafy vegetables during summer on seeing the demand for them and getting good profits when compared to other crops, but irrigation facility is vital to grow these leafy vegetables. Curry with Gangavaili leaves mixed with mango is popular as it gives different taste beside the water content.

Vegetable cultivation has picking up in Utnoor division and Adilabad divisions. But, most of the farmers who grow vegetables are not getting good prices while middlemen are making brisk business.

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