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Four tiger cubs rescued in Anantapur

Deccan Chronicle.| Nagabhushanam Hoskote

Published on: March 6, 2023 | Updated on: March 6, 2023
Rescued tiger cubs. (Photo by arrangement)

Rescued tiger cubs. (Photo by arrangement)

ANANTAPUR: Four tiger cubs, found in an agriculture fields closer to Pedda Gummadapuram village in Nandyal district of Nallamala forest were rescued by villagers on Monday. The cubs were carefully shifted a room in the village to avoid attacks from dogs and other animals.

Villagers noticed four tiger cubs of about one month age in an agriculture field of Pedda Gummadapuram village , adjacent to Nallamala forest in Atmakur forest division.

Villagers gathered at the spot and found mother tigress was not with the cubs. Suspecting, dogs or other animals will attack the cubs, the villagers catch the cubs keeping in bamboo baskets and shufted to a room in the village.

The villagers informed the Atmakur Forest Division officials. Official Sources said, the decision about rescuing of cubs yet to take because the mother tigris likely come back at least after a day Or two to the spot.Officials were in a plan to teunite with the mother. Normally, a tiger feeds and protects cubs till the age of two years.

As the tiger cubs were impressively attracting similar of cats, the villagers were on taking selfies with the tiger cubs. Videos of cubs were viral on social media.

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