Kukatpally residents seek better transport

Hyderabad: The people of Kukatpally, a bustling locality in Hyderabad, voiced their concerns over a range of issues plaguing their community. From a lack of proper road infrastructure to traffic management problems and environmental concerns, residents are demanding action from local authorities to address these pressing issues.

One of the most pressing concerns is the state of the Hi-Tension Road in Srinivasanagar, leading towards Hitec City. The road is covered in mud and riddled with potholes, leading to at least three accidents in just two months.

The frustrated residents had to resort to threatening legal action against the GHMC to prompt the officials into action. "It was not until we had threatened them with filing a case of negligence in court that they rushed to clear the road," said Narsimha R., a resident.

Ramamurty T., a neighbour of Narsimha, added his voice to the outcry, highlighting the absence of a divider along a 1km stretch, forcing pedestrians to navigate a dangerous road with traffic whizzing by from both sides. It took nearly six months of sustained delegations for a divider to be erected.

Residents lamented the lack of effective traffic management in Kukatpally, with many traffic signals reportedly malfunctioning. "Only about a handful of traffic signals here work without a glitch," said one resident. In an attempt to address the traffic issues, authorities resorted to creating U-turns, but this has led to longer travel distances, increased fuel consumption, longer traffic hours, more air pollution, and concerns about public health.

Traffic-induced pollution was another significant grievance among residents. The real-time air quality index at Kukatpally stood at 97 against 64 in Hyderabad.

Many felt that the Harita Haram event in the area, which involved tree planting, was more of a one-day photo opportunity for leaders rather than a year-long responsibility. Residents emphasized the need for ongoing maintenance, including trimming, pruning, and proper care for the planted saplings.

Drainage overflow has been a perennial problem in Kukatpally, regardless of the season. Residents expressed their frustration, stating that even when the authorities do respond, only temporary solutions are implemented, leaving the area susceptible to recurring issues. The ill-maintained underpass, often clogged with water, was another recurring complaint that added to the residents' woes.

The collective voice of Kukatpally's residents calls for swift and lasting solutions to these challenges, urging local authorities to address these issues with the seriousness and commitment they deserve. Only through decisive action can Kukatpally's residents hope to see a safer, cleaner, and more efficiently managed locality.

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