Farmers drying crops on NH 44 causing accidents

SADASHIVNAGAR: Farmers drying their crops along National Highway-44 is causing road accidents, posing a threat to the lives of commuters, especially those riding bikes and three-wheelers during night times.

These lightweight vehicles skid off the road when they drive on to the drying crops, whether paddy, maize or any other crop. As a result, there have been many accidents in Nirmal, Nizamabad and Kamareddy districts, some of them fatal.

Farmers dry their crops on the highway as they have no clear place available in their fields. One can see paddy, maize and red gram being dried along the highway along long stretches of NH-44.

Generally, trucks and lorries zooming on the national highway give no way, particularly to two and three-wheelers. As a result, drivers of these vehicles veer to the left of the road, which is occupied by the drying crop. This often leads to the vehicles skidding.

One can see farmers drying their crops on National Highway at Jakranpalli, Bheemgal, Mupkal and Balkonda in Nizamabad district; Dharmaraopet and Sadashivnagar in Kamareddy district; and Chityala to Thamsha in Nirmal district. Same is the case on the main road from Armoor to Nizamabad.

This poses a threat to commuters. A month ago, a person returning in the night to his native place from Nirmal town died after his bike skidded off the road when it went over maize that was drying on the road in Laxmanchanda mandal. Many such accidents have taken place on NH-44.

Elamala Gangamma of Kautla (K) in Nirmal mandal said they have no space for drying their crops. That is why they dry their crops beside the national highways, which are spacious. She said it would be helpful if the state government sets up community “Panta Kallalu” in villages or extend financial help to farmers who want to set up their own Kallalu in their agricultural fields.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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