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Braille board, handrails to help diff-abled in Kovai stn

Published Nov 6, 2019, 1:54 am IST
Updated Nov 6, 2019, 1:54 am IST
First of its kind facility in Salem railway division.
A visually impaired passenger tries the newly installed Braille board at Coimbatore junction entrance on Tuesday (Photo: DC)
 A visually impaired passenger tries the newly installed Braille board at Coimbatore junction entrance on Tuesday (Photo: DC)

Coimbatore: The Coimbatore railway station has accquired Braille board indicators facility reported as ‘first of its kind’ in the Salem railway division.

Divisional Railway Manager U. Subba Rao, Salem Division told DC, Southern Railway had installed Braille board indicators facility for the visually-impaired passengers.


Two master boards are placed in the station premises. One in the front entrance of the station and the other at the second entry near the information Centre which lays out the blueprint of railway station for the visually-challenged passengers.

Apart from this, passenger amenities such as taps and toilets in the railway station have been fitted with Braille boards.

Around 250 Braille boards are currently placed in the station. Hand rails are provided with Braille boards for guiding the visually-impaired passengers to reach their desired location.

Another aspect is the Braille-embossed handrails near the staircases leading to the platforms. This would help the visually-challenged passengers to recognize the platforms without looking for any help.

With the installation of Braille information boards and Braille- embossed handrails on Tuesday, Coimbatore Railway station becomes the first railway under Southern Railway to become visually-challenged friendly. This will help visually-challenged passengers independently navigate the railway station.

Coimbatore also earns the distinction of being the first station in Southern Railway having this facility and fourth railway station in Indian railways after Mysuru, KSR Bengaluru and Borivalli stations.

The project was done in collaboration with Anuprayaas, a Bengaluru-based private firm that focuses on improving accessibility for the visually-challenged.

The total project cost at the Coimbatore railway station was nearly `five lakh. These

Braille boards were checked by visually-challenged experts and were found to be error free. However, any inaccuracy or other grievances related to the Braille boards and handrails shall be communicated to Station Director, Coimbatore, added Subba Rao.