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Key players confirm Sarath Reddy's investments in Delhi liquor scam

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Published on: February 6, 2023 | Updated on: February 7, 2023
ED arrested Sarath Chandra Reddy in connection with the liquor policy scam. (PTI file image)

ED arrested Sarath Chandra Reddy in connection with the liquor policy scam. (PTI file image)

HYDERABAD: The witnesses whose statements were recorded by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) during the course of investigation into the Delhi liquor scam exposed the involvement of Hyderabad-based businessman and Aurobindo Pharma director P. Sarath Chandra Reddy.

In their statements, the witnesses spilled the beans about Sarath Reddy's business activities since floating entities like Sri Avanathika, Trident and Organomix Eco-Systems Private Limited.

Indo Spirit owner Sameer Mahandru, who was first arrested last September, told the ED that scam accused Arun Pillai had a close association with Sarath  Reddy. Abhishek Boinapally and Gorantla Buchi Babu, chartered accountant of the ‘South Group’ cartel of the liquor scam, were associates of Pillai and had organised meetings at a hotel in Delhi where the agenda was to invest in the Delhi liquor scam.

Boinapally was running five zone outlets that are maintained by Sarath Reddy in the name of Trident Champer Limited, Sri Avantika Contractors and Organomix Eco-systems Private Limited. Credit notes to the tune of Rs 4.35 crore to the entities of Sarath Reddy were not issued by the manufacturers.

Mahendru stated that Pillai was representing MLC K. Kavitha. He and South Group had over multiple conversations revealed to Mahandru their actual investors and political connections. Vijay Nair was talking about Kavitha and Sarath Reddy. Mahandru had met Kavitha at her residence in Hyderabad in the presence of Sameer, Sarath Reddy and Arun Pillai.

Hemanth Ladia, CFO of Indo Spirit, said in his statement seven credit notes were not issued by Pernod Ricard India or any other manufacturer but by Indo-Spirit. Running to Rs 4.65 crore, these credit notes were issued to Sarath Reddy. Indo-Spirit deputy general manager Rajat Sharma pointed out that Mahandru had directed him not to give statements about the outstandings of Sarath Reddy.  
Arun Pillai said that he had a conversation with Sarath Reddy pertaining to change in Delhi’s excise policy. In March 2021, Pillai met Sarath Reddy and discussed the liquor policy as Reddy was a potential investor.

"Sarath Reddy asked me to look for good people in Delhi to invest in the Delhi liquor business. He brought Buchi Babu for taking suggestions on finance and business developments to Delhi. In May 2021, he met Boinapally in Kavitha's residence," said Aurn Pillai said in his statement.

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