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Sand silting becomes major problem for farmers in flood-affected Kothagudem

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Published on: August 5, 2022 | Updated on: August 5, 2022
The recent floods have resulted in silting up of sand beds on fields in Kothagudem district. (DC Image)

The recent floods have resulted in silting up of sand beds on fields in Kothagudem district. (DC Image)

KOTHAGUDEM: The silting up of sand beds on the fields due to the floods to the Godavari turned out to be a curse to the farmers in six mandals including Dummugudem, Aswapuram, Manuguru, Pinapaka, Charla and Burgampahad.

The vaikunta Dharamshala and nurseries being raised under Haritha Haram witnessed silting of sand from one to five feet. The sand silting is a serious problem in ten villages in Dummugudem mandal. The lands in Sitarampuram, W L Regupalli, Narasapuram, Thurupaka, Parnasala, M Kasingararam and Sunnambatti habitations that were hit with the flood waters covered with sand layers. The sand effect is more in Narasapuram, Thurupaka, Sitaramapuram and W L Regupalli villages.

P. Ramaiah, a farmer in Dummugudem said, "There is no chance to raise crops in our fields until the sand layers are removed. The cost of sand removal will be high and the government should extend financial assistance to them".

The lands in five villages in Charla mandal including Dosalapalli were also covered with the sand. The farmers lost hope of raising crops in the present season. They demanded the government to pay compensation to them keeping the crop loss and sand silting costs in view.

N Suresh, a social activist said, "The sand silting is less when back waters hitting the lands and the sane cover will be more when the coming of flood directly. It is the general phenomenon in every flood year". As per the details, sand problem is at least in 2500 acres in six mandals. There is a proposal from the farmers to sell the removed sand and share the amount to the flood affected persons.

The Vaikuntadhamam in Pragallapalli in Dummugudem mandal is also covered with sand after receding from the floods. There is no chance of conducting last rites there until the sand is removed. There is an appeal from the villagers to give priority in clearing the sand from Vaikuntadhamam.

The nurseries raised under Haritha Haram located at WL Regupalli were washed away in the floods. The Palle Brihitvanam in the village is also damaged during floods.

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