16 students fall sick after consuming stale biscuits in Adilabad

ADILABAD: Sixteen students of the Social Welfare Residential School for Boys fell sick in the mandal headquarters town of Jaipur on Thursday night after consuming stale biscuits served as snacks for them in the evening. All of them were shifted to a Mancherial hospital and are undergoing treatment. The condition of all the students, studying in Classes 6, 7 and 8, is said to be stable.

According to sources, the students complained of vomiting and loose motions after eating the biscuits. The students said though the biscuits were wet and had a bad smell, the hostel staff told them that nothing would happen if they ate them.

Mancherial DCC chairperson Kokkirala Surekha visited the district hospital and interacted with the students who fell sick and are undergoing treatment. She inquired about the incident on Friday.

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