Kashmir turmoil: \'India has failed Kashmir,\' say Mufti, Omar

Mufti commented on people celebrating Kashmir developments saying it was \'disgusting and disconcerting\'.

Srinagar: Smacking central government's decision to revoke article 370 and 35A, former chief minister and People’s Democratic Party chief Mehbooba Mufti has said that the intention of the government is 'clear and sinister'.

She was joined by Omar Abdullah who said: "the government has resorted to deceit and stealth to lay the ground for these disastrous decisions."

Mufti commented on people celebrating Kashmir developments saying it was 'disgusting and disconcerting'

"Today marks the darkest day in Indian democracy. Decision of J&K leadership to reject 2 nation theory in 1947 & align with India has backfired. Unilateral decision of GOI to scrap Article 370 is illegal & unconstitutional which will make India an occupational force in J&K," Mufti tweeted.

Mufti, Omar and other leaders held a meeting on Sunday at Farooq Abdullah's house to discuss Kashmir.

Further tweeting her dissent on the decision, she wrote, "They want to change demography of the only Muslim majority state in India, disempower Muslims to the extent where they become second class citizens in their own state." Further stating that she was under house arrest, Mufti said, "Is this the India we acceded to?"

The political leaders in Kashmir were put under house arrest on Sunday evening.

Acceding her faith in parliament, Mufti said, "People like us who placed faith in Parliament, the temple of democracy have been deceived. Those elements in J&K who rejected the constitution & sought resolution under the UN have been vindicated. This will exacerbate the alienation Kashmiris feel."

Mufti mentioned the 1947 partition and asked the outcome of the same for Kashmir. Maharaja Hari Singh of Kashmir agreed to accede to India in 1948 after Pakistani insurgents attacked Kashmir and India had sent its army to fight them back.

"What did J&K get for acceding to India? Another partition along communal lines? Our special status isn’t a gift bestowed upon us. It’s a right guaranteed by the same parliament. A contract entered into by J&K leadership & India. Today, the very same contract has been violated," Mufti tweeted.

On Monday, Union Home Minister Amit Shah moved a resolution in the Rajya Sabha stating that Article 370, which allowed Jammu and Kashmir to have its own Constitution, will no longer be applicable.

Shah also moved a bill proposing bifurcation of the state of Jammu and Kashmir into two union territories -- Jammu and Kashmir division and Ladakh.

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