Karnataka: Seven more taluks declared drought hit

Vijayapura: The state government has expanded its list of drought-affected taluks by incorporating seven additional taluks, bringing the total count to 223.

This decision, formalized through an official order issued on November 4, marks an extension of the state's efforts to address the prevailing drought conditions.

Initially, in September, the government identified 195 taluks as drought-hit areas. Subsequently, on October 12, an additional 21 taluks were included, raising the total to 216. With the recent inclusion of seven more taluks, the tally of drought-affected taluks has now surged to 223.

The seven taluks specified in the order as severely drought affected include five from Bidar (Aurad, Bidar, Chitaguppa, Humnabad, Kamala Nagar), one from Raichur (Sindhanur), and one from Vijayapura (Tikota).
These taluks have been designated as drought-hit for a duration of six months or until further notice, depending on which comes first.

This measure is part of the government's ongoing efforts to mitigate the impact of the drought on affected areas.

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