Water level rising in Srisailam

KURNOOL: The Srisailam reservoir is now 45 per cent full, thanks to the continuous inflow of water from upstream areas; it received 83,000 cusecs of water on Thursday. The dam had 96.29 thousand million cubic feet (tmc ft) of water (total capacity of about 215.81 tmc ft) with the water level at 856.73 feet (full level 885 feet). No water was being let out from the dam.

The Nagarjunasagar reservoir was also about 45 per cent full, with water standing at 519 feet and holding 140.41 tmc ft of water (full capacity 312.05 tmc ft)

Officials anticipate further inflows as meteorological forecasts indicate the likelihood of moderate rains in the upcoming days due to a low-pressure area forming in the Bay of Bengal.

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