A camp that unveiled celluloid wonders

Sujeev Jose, an English teacher at the school, told Deccan Chronicle that they made preparations in a phased manner.

Thiruvananthapuram: Government Higher Secondary School, Neduveli, held a unique vacation camp on films, Venal Koodaram 2017, from April 28 to April 30.

The students of Standard IX and X of the school, who attended the camp, learnt the basics of filmmaking, screenwriting, camera techniques and profile drafting of eminent persons in the industry.

Sujeev Jose, an English teacher at the school, told Deccan Chronicle that they made preparations in a phased manner. In the first phase, the personalities who are to attend the camp were fixed and notices prepared by the students.

This helped them to solve Activity 3 on Page 58 in the English textbook of Standard X which dealt with cinema. Students designed three banners and posters and got them printed. They also prepared a guidebook including a brief profile of the personalities who attended the camp.

They prepared delegate passes and mementoes and promos featuring actor Suraj Venjaramoodu, scriptwriter Shibu Konchira, cinematographer K. V. Jyothikumar, director Jayaraj and actor Mallika Sukumaran, besides three films for screening.

Award-winning filmmaker R. Sarath, who inaugurated the camp, shared his views on how to prepare a story, convert it into a screenplay and shoot a film and casting, editing and bringing the film to the theatre.

Poet Alphonsa Joy handled the next session, explaining how poems are incorporated and used in movies. Sarath Kumar who played Appani Ravi in Angamali Diaries conducted the third session of the first day.

Being a post graduate in theatre, he engaged them in theatre activities sitting on the floor. The first session of the second day started with experiences sharing by Joby A. S., who spoke on how he became a film star and on dubbing.
During the second session of the day, cinematographer K. V. Jyothikumar discussed with the participants the elements of cinematography.

Technical terms used in filmmaking were explained using a camera.
He even gave the camera to the participants so that they could handle them on their own and explained terminologies related to shooting and frames, camera angles, camera movements and position in detail. During the third session, playback singer Sudeep Kumar explained the efforts behind making a song in a film. He sang ten songs and made the participants sing along.

Actor Dinesh Panicker who handled the next session spoke about how a script can be written and how the characters are cast in films. He talked about how to produce a movie and what box offices are.

Actor Mallika Sukumaran, who inaugurated the valedictory function on the third day, spoke of the importance of filmmaking and related activities.
She urged the participants to come out of their boundaries to open up their creative skills in them.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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