Hyderabad: Time to fine jaywalking

With not enough footpaths cops say, can't book case against pedestrians.

Hyderabad: A video of a woman crossing the road negligently in Hyderabad and ending up in a mishap went viral on Twitter and Facebook. Police cited video footage to say this happened due to jaywalking and that, in the process of saving the woman, the auto driver met with an accident.

Jaywalking means acts in violation of pedestrian/traffic laws, most often by pedestrians crossing a road in an absent-minded manner. While jaywalking is a low level offence, cops in Bengaluru are now reportedly taking action against such people in an attempt to ensure road safety.

The cops here are yet to take a serious view, also as there aren’t enough of footpaths and pavements – a pre-requisite to orderly road behaviour.

Cyberabad DCP Traffic AR Srinivas says, “When we have not created any footpath for pedestrians, how can we book cases against them? Even after creating awareness among motorists, they don’t leave any space for pedestrians, and vehicles keep occupying zebra crossings at signals. We have to be very firm about this, create more awareness and provide footpaths and other facilities first. Then, we can book cases if there is any violation of rule.’’

Padma Kasoor, a working professional, said, “It's important to sensitise both the pedestrians and drivers about the importance of zebra crossings. In several cases, people don't use them. In cases where they do, vehicles don't stop for them. We fine drivers for violations, but even pedestrians should be made to pay penalties.’’

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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