Three of a family burnt alive in suicide bid

Another daughter undergoing treatment

Kothagudem: Three persons of a family died in a fire in Paloncha on Monday, and another family member is fighting for her life in hospital. It is believed that the family died by suicide, letting the LPG gas spread, and set it on fire.

Mandiga Ramakrishna, who ran a Mee Seva centre, who was among those who died, left a suicide note naming three persons — Kothagudem MLA’s son Vanama Raghavender as well as Ramakrishna’s sister Lova Madhavi and mother Suryavathi.

In the note, Ramakrishna reportedly said that Raghavendra had harassed him and Madhavi, who was close associate of the MLA’s son, and had created problems for his family.

Apart from Ramakrishna, the other deceased were identified as his wife Srilaxmi and daughter Sahitya. The condition of Ramakrishna’s second daughter Sahithi, who was undergoing treatment at the district headquarters hospital in Kothagudem, is said to be serious.

ASP Rohit Raju said that Raghavender’s name was the first in the suicide note, The MLA’s son went into hiding after the news of the suicide spread.

Police said Ramakrishna ran a Mee-Seva centre at Navabharat Company in Old Paloncha and was also an executive for an app which deals with financial transactions.

Ramakrishna’s mother, a pensioner, reportedly planned to will her assets, said to be worth about Rs 3 crore, to her daughter Madhavi. Ramakrishna had spent five years in Rajamahendravaram and came back to Paloncha when the alleged harassment of the family by the MLA’s son Raghavender and Ramakrishna’s relatives increased.

Police reported that neighbours reported hearing loud sound from Ramakrishna’s house at Jendala Bajar in Paloncha early on Monday. A fire broke out and his neighbours called the police and fire brigade.

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