Many Voters Recall Nightmarish Experiences Due to Official Apathy

Hyderabad: Water logging and inundation caused by heavy rains, which adversely impact several residential localities, unannounced power cuts stretching up to 18 hours, mosquito menace and youngsters and senior citizens falling ill too frequently are issues that will play a decisive role when voters exercise their franchise, this time around.

Residents of Gajularamaram’s Sri Balaji Layout, Sri Sai Layout, Vokshith Enclave, Venus Enclave and other adjoining areas are among the worst hit.
Sanjay Mala from Gajularamaram said, “These are the outcomes of unscientific planning. Nala works are progressing at a snail’s pace. Although some development activities are underway, none of us can forget the horrifying days and nights we were subject to due to administrative lapses. I am sure residents in these areas will recall their hardships before casting their votes.”

Nadeem Colony, under Karwan, has been hit badly by floods for several years now. Azmathullah Khan, a local, said “if it rains today this colony will be in the news. Every household gets panicky whenever there is rain. We fear the prevalence of a similar situation in the future. Of course, there have been some developmental works, here and there. I urge all voters to think of the hardship they underwent because of official apathy.”

It is an equally tragic tale in colonies abutting Saroornagar lake like Sharadanagar, Venkateshwara Colony, Tirumala Colony, Kodandaramnagar, P&T Colony and those in the vicinity of Kappala Cheruvu, Balapur Cheruvu and five water bodies.

According to Jaganelolu Tirupathi, a resident of Sharadanagar, “Once we had to bear the problem of water clogging in our house for 15 days. Most of the water overflows from the lake as there are no proper outflows. This is something no voter from these areas can forget.”

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