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Kids play in cellars as KMC lacks playgrounds

Deccan Chronicle.| A Ravindra Seshu

Published on: June 3, 2022 | Updated on: June 4, 2022

Health of kids is at risk due to lack of sports activity: Expert

More playgrounds needed in the residential colonies.   Representational image/DC

More playgrounds needed in the residential colonies. Representational image/DC

KHAMMAM: The people living in apartments in Khammam Municipal Corporation, whose kids are playing in cellars due to the lack of open places to play, are hoping to get ‘playgrounds’ in their vicinity as part of ‘Pattana Pragathi’ (PP).

The children in the age group between five and fourteen years, who will have good energy, are facing tough times in playing. There are no playgrounds near their apartments.

Avula Srinivas, living in Vijayanagar Colony in the 25th division, said, "The children numbering fifteen, in 30 flat apartments in the area, are playing in the cellar and spending time there due to the lack of open space. There is a dire need for playgrounds for them."

The fourth phase of ‘Palle Pragathi’ and ‘Pattana Pragathi’ that commenced from Friday is focusing more on the setting up of ‘Kreeda Pranganalu’ (play grounds) in towns and villages. Under the plan, the officials should identify the land for sports stadiums in villages and towns. At least one acre is required in villages and 2000 square yards in towns for mini sports stadiums.

In the event that government lands were unavailable, the officials were asked to acquire private lands. Khammam Municipal Corporation has sixty divisions, and lands for the sports stadiums should be selected in at least three places in each division. A sports pranganam in every ward is planned in municipalities like Wyra, Madhira and Sathupalli.

The Central government laid more stress on playgrounds in residential areas of towns and villages. It is commonly seen in every ward that the kids come to the streets to play cricket. As part of it, the residential construction projects were asked to allocate some space for playing grounds apart from greenery.

M. F. Gopinath, a cardiologist. said, "The physical fitness among many kids, even at the age of ten years, is not good due to the lack of sports activity. The kids will have more energy at their age and they must be engaged in sports for not only good health but also to avert other complications like obesity and diabetes."

It is planned to make use of 789 ‘Kreeda Pranganalu’ in the district and minimum facilities will be provided in it. The government will allocate Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lakh for each playground. A district level officer will look after the Palle Pragathi and Pattana Pragathi, which will end on June 18.

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