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Asaf Jahi family coronates Raunaq Yar Khan as Nizam IX, slams Azmet Jah

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Published on: March 2, 2023 | Updated on: March 2, 2023
Raunaq Yar Khan was coronated as the Nizam IX of the dynasty. (Photo by arrangement)

Raunaq Yar Khan was coronated as the Nizam IX of the dynasty. (Photo by arrangement)

HYDERABAD: Disenchanted with the recently-coronated Nizam prince Azmet Jah’s decision not to take control of all trusts and his alleged failure to take stock of the Asaf Jahi family’s issues, descendants of Nizams I-VI on Thursday coronated Raunaq Yar Khan as the Nizam IX of the dynasty.

In a low-key affair, Raunaq Yar Khan, who is a popular figure in the family, accepted the title conferred on him by the ‘sahebzadagan (descendants)’ in a traditional ceremony held at Khaja ka Chilla at HEH Nizams Sahebzadas of Sarf-e-Khas Trust in Mughalpura.

The trust gives allowance to the descendants of Nizam I-VI.

Nawab Nizam Ali Khan, the vice president of Majlis-e-Sahebzadagan Society and a spokesperson said, "We declared that we shall be choosing one amongst us with the consensus of all the ‘sahebzadas’ and ‘sahebzadis’ and now, the time has come that he dons the mantle. We hope that Raunaq will guide all of us and resolve our problems."

At the coronation, most men donned traditional ‘rumi’ caps to underscore their lineage. They presented Raunaq Yar Khan with the ‘Shahi Imam-e-Zamin (traditional amulet)’ and traditional Asaf Jahi flag, following which Khan lit the traditional lamp.

The descendants said that they decided to choose their own head as Azmet Jah was unaware of the complex legal issues they were facing.

"Prince Azmet Jah has so far neglected to take up the responsibilities of the family and clan. There was no promise of friendly cooperation from him and repeated requests, including those from Raunaq Yar Khan, were constantly met with indifference," Mohd Moizuddin Khan, general secretary of the trust, told Deccan Chronicle.

"This means violation of the directive passed in 1999 by the City Civil Court, which says that all decisions should be made with the consensus of legal heirs of Nizams I to VI. Since he did not take over the responsibilities of Asaf Jahi dynasty, we chose the best amongst the family," Moizuddin Khan said

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