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Will superstar become puratchi thalaivar 2.0?

Published Dec 2, 2018, 3:29 am IST
Updated Dec 2, 2018, 3:29 am IST
 2.0 has a cyber and digital connect in its storyline.
Rajinikanth in 2.0 movie
 Rajinikanth in 2.0 movie

The Rajini  phenomenon knows no abatement. It seems to be growing by the day. There is an X factor, which is indescribable and indecipherable that lends the zing in the swing of Thalaivar. Ever since he announced that he was jumping headlong into electoral politics, with a party of his own, he has actually receded into the background except to every now and then to comment on public issues, while confirming that ‘slow and steady wins the race’ and he was on that path. 

 There have been theories and papers and presentations propounded, as to whether the iconic Superstar would be a superb star in the political arena and assume the mantle of Chief Minister even on his maiden attempt. His style and cinematic triumphs have been taken through the scanners, to examine if he could replicate his successes on the political front, as much as he nonchalantly turned his head to glance at his adoring fans. 


Be that as it may, the launch of 2.0 had the stamp of Rajini all over and around it. It appears to be the costliest effort till date. His association with that mercurial Director Shankar has its magical chemistry on offer. Add the Akshay Kumar potion, with a mass base of his own, you have a product that almost can’t fail. Could it? 

 2.0 has a cyber and digital connect in its storyline. Rajini fans cut across age, caste, creed, colour, religion and every other dividing construct. In the age of social media, the digiconnect can only enhance the multiplier effect of the Thalaivar connect. Trust the Mobile to come in handy to flaunt a Robot walking all over and among us and in our homes, offices and everywhere else, no matter how successful efforts are to keep it within its legit shows in theatres alone. That is the beauty of the age we live in, and undoubtedly a curse too. 


 First Day First Show maniacal fan cousins had a lot to crow about, as Boss struts the magical and fantasy world, even as he is set to plunge into the real world of polity with 

fantastic expectations riding around him. It is no sci-fi when Kabali enters the scene. It is real. The believers go crazy that Batcha was a transformed man come to lead us all unto light from the dark dungeons and murky world of shady politics that Tamil Nadu is imbued with. 

2.0 has been timed to perfection. Well, Parattai is unlikely to enter the fray in the by elections due for 18 plus seats up for grabs, 


for the vacated slots of disqualified/demised MLAs. Even so, world will look to him for a byte or two on where his loyalties lean to. Come 2019 general elections, Thalaivar’s party may have been up and running to engage in the hustings. 

 What can the discerning detect now on his political philosophies? He can neither be branded a leftist or a rightist or even a centrist. It may be galling to many to christen him a pragmatist or a realist. But that he engages with the real world as he is himself with no make-believe add-ons tells its own story. Yes, he is here to bank on his charisma and tap into it for dividends. Who would not in his status? But that his pronouncements have a sense of Pan India outlook suggests he may yet not be the parochial statist. Would he continue to call a spade a spade or muse to dance around it to call only in shades, it were not, on sensitive issues which 


may demand political correctness to wear ‘Tamilness’ on one’s sleeve?

 Rajini Saar’s 2.0 could not have raised the temperature higher on the political horizon. He has ‘Sarkar’ on his mind, for sure.

​Otherwise, why bother to start a political outfit at this late stage and age of a career that has seen no pitfalls yet. He has only grown and grown, into what, we don’t know yet for sure, as he embarks on a different ball game. Would his simple, straightforward staccato and sharp observations sell his wares to the little man with the little finger viz. voter? 


 We live in interesting times as 2.0 scales new heights with 10,000 movie halls screening them all at one time, across the globe. And to think that tickets have sold out, despite 

higher prices, till Sunday, December 2 is mind boggling, to say the least. Superstar has taken it all to the stratosphere where possibly only he can seek to aspire and reside. 

Truth to tell, the world and TN watch in anticipation whether Superstar Thalaivar would be the Puratchi Thalaivar 2.0? Could he?

 (Author is practising advocate in the Madras high court)