Coding-centric web program from school

The inaugural batch was launched in June at a co-working facility in Bengaluru.

BENGALURU: Masai School, a seed-funded career-focused startup, on Monday announced the beginning of its operations in the country. Masai School offers coding-centric learning programs, designed to train and mould learners into skilled and job ready professionals. Learners are enrolled for free and pay the course fee at a later date after getting a suitable job. The program is open to any individual keen on becoming a coding expert. The inaugural batch was launched in June at a co-working facility in Bengaluru.

Founded by Mr Prateek Shukla, former co-founder of Grabhouse, Masai School involves a five-month web development program, along with providing personality development and soft skills coaching. Based on both online and in-class training, the program is designed to create a job-ready workforce for the IT sector.

Mr Shukla said, "India today has the world's largest IT workforce, and growing. Each year, thousands of engineering colleges churn out lakhs of graduates, but the reality is that not even half are job ready. With organisations giving priority to skill-set rather than educational background, there is a wide skill gap that exists. Our courses are based on a coding-only curriculum and are designed according to current industry requirements."

He said, "At Masai, our students are given the experience of working in a corporate setup along with mastering their coding skills for 10-12 hours a day. We focus not just on coding but holistic development of our students. Our aim is not to prepare students for something, but prepare them for anything. Masai School is a coding school with military discipline."

Masai School plans to graduate over 500 students in the next 10-12 months.

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