40 Percent Of Power Consumed In Hyderabad

HYDERABAD: Power consumption has risen across the state in consonance with higher temperatures, when parts of the state recorded over 45º Celsius, especially in the Greater Hyderabad which is a massive consumer of power.

Hyderabad consumes as much as 40 per cent of power that the state requires. The Telangana State Southern Power Distribution Company (TSSPDCL), which monitors the state capital’s power needs, is making arrangements accordingly.

Hyderabad recorded the highest power demand of 3,756 MW on May 19. This was against 9,821 MW total state demand. On Tuesday, the state demand touched 8,515 MW of which the capital area consumed 3,128 MW.

In 2020-21, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) area recorded peak demand of 2,930 MW, 3,158 MW in 2021-22 and 3,455 MW in 2022-23 financial year respectively.

Post-Covid, power consumption is rapidly increased in the Greater Hyderabad limits. Domestic, industrial and commercial sectors have seen a sharp increase of 20 per cent in power consumption.

TS-iPass and HT connections also boosted power demand in the state capital.

Year on year data also showed the zooming power demand. On May 29, Hyderabad consumed 3,294 MW, the highest. The same day last year, consumption stood at 2,986 MW.

“The power consumption habit of people is fast changing. Due to the availability of power supply, they are using it to the optimum level,” a senior official from TSSPDCL told Deccan Chronicle. The infrastructure of power distribution and supply is also improved in Hyderabad and it paved the way for people to use power at maximum, he said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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