It's not a tough fight, people backing me: ST Somashekar

Mr Gowda is doing his groundwork but he is not able to connect with the people, says ST Somashekar.

You are up against actor Jaggesh of the BJP and Javarai Gowda of the JD (S). Do you think they will give you a tough fight?
I have been in the constituency for five years and have been responding to the needs of people. I assume they have trust in me. Jaggesh, on the other hand, is a newbie and it will be difficult for him to gain people’s trust. Mr Gowda is doing his groundwork but he is not able to connect with the people. On the whole, I have the advantage in the coming elections. Remember, there is no tough fight when people are backing you.

Yeshwanthapura constituency is riddled with various problems. What are the major issues you have addressed?
Water supply and the poor drainage system are major problems and they are being addressed. During my tenure, I have completed 50 per cent of the work on providing Cauvery water to the constituency and the rest will be completed during my next term. Coming to the UGD, we have started the work and are hoping it will be completed in the next one year. If people elect me, I can complete both these major projects in a short span of time. The garbage processing units are also causing trouble and plans are afoot to move them out of the city at the earliest.

How are you addressing the traffic issue, which is another major problem, in your constituency?
Traffic is a major issue across the country. In our constituency, there are garbage processing units, an APMC yard and a couple of industrial areas, so there is movement of heavy vehicles. We have written to the government to set up a traffic police station on Magadi road and Kanakapura road to help regulate the traffic.

How are people responding to you during your campaigning?
I have completed 90 per cent of my campaigning. People know my work and are ready to elect me again. There are a few wards like Hemmigepura, Doddabidarakallu, Heroahalli and Ullalu, which need special attention in terms of development and I will take up work in these wards on priority and ensure people get the basic facilities.

How confident are you of retaining the seat?
I am confident that people will elect me again as I am available 24/7 and my doors are always open. Before I try to resolve any issue, I take suggestions from the residents and only with their consent do I carry out the work because they need to be satisfied. All these factors will help me retain my seat.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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