Maoists warn BRS MLA Durgam Chinnaih

Adilabad: Maoists reportedly released a letter warning Bellampalli BRS MLA Durgam Chinnaiah of dire consequences if he continued with his "anti-people activities, like cheating farmers and sexually exploiting women" who approached him for help in resolving their problems.

Maoists asked Durgam Chinnaiah to return the money he took from the farmers in the name of establishing a dairy farm. “Else, Chinnaiah will face punishment by the public,” they have warned.

Maoists alleged that Chinnaiah had tried to create an impression that he was not associated with the Origin Dairy firm and its activities by getting its board members arrested.

Maoists released a letter in the name of Prabhath, secretary of their Singareni coal belt committee.

In the letter, the Maoist leader alleged that Durgam Chinnaiah did not mend his ways even after repeated warnings in the past and he continued to behave like a thug. “He is indulging in government land grab and collecting money from the farmers by colluding with the Origin Dairy firm.”

The Maoists alleged that “Dugaram Chainnaiah reminded the people of the days of 1970-1980 by indulging in corruption, sexually harassing women, and encouraging his henchmen to indulge in land grabbing and goonda acts. Durgam Chinnaiah also lured some BRS women leaders and family members of BRS local leaders and sexually exploited them.”

Maoists alleged that Durgam Chainnaiah also joined hands with the revenue and animal husbandry departments and indulged in corrupt practices.

The TDP leadership had expelled Durgam Chinnaiah from the party when he was ZPTC over his involvement in corrupt and unethical practices in the past and later he joined the BRS, the Maoists noted.

The Maoists said, “The BRS party is behaving in more heinous ways than the Congress, TDP and BJP and suppressing the peoples’ movements. Its leaders are indulging in land-grabbing and corrupt practices. People must teach a lesson to the BRS and its leaders.”

Maoist also warned the associates of Durgam Chinnaiah against indulging in corrupt practices with the support of the MLA.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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