With special menu and arrangements, SV Zoo Park gears up to beat the summer heat

Sprinklers, foggers and coolers installed at enclosures to keep the animals cool

TIRUPATI: With summer setting the mercury soaring, around 1,095 inmates of the Sri Venkateswara zoological park (SVZP) in Tirupati are getting extra help from the zoo authorities to cool down and protect from heat strokes and other such illnesses.

To protect animals from dehydration and falling sick due to the parching summer heat, authorities at the SVZP were busily involved in placing the summer protocol. They have installed sprinklers, foggers and coolers at enclosures to keep the animals cool. In addition to the regular diet, the inhabitants of the zoo are being provided with vitamin C rich foods, watermelon, musk melon and coconut water.

"With the mercury levels rising, it’s really hard to keep the animals cool and healthy. Like humans, they too need special attention during summer, because keeping them hydrated and feeding them summer suitable food will help maintain their health throughout the season. So, we came up with special arrangements to ensure that the scorching summer doesn’t hit animals”, said SVZP Curator M. Hima Sailaja.

Ms. Hima Sailaja told that they have installed pandals with palmyra leaves and erected khus khus curtains to enclosures to provide proper shade, besides making other arrangements like sprinklers, air-coolers, fans and freshly-painted cool roofs.

“Khus khus grass mats and tundra grass that retain water have been placed atop each enclosure and they are being watered frequently to reduce the temperature. In the display arenas, we have arranged sprinklers to drip water at regular intervals of time. And, to protect birds from the summer heat, foggers were fitted to sprinkle the mist in the birds’ enclosures”, she explained.

The zoo has arranged over 15 new saucer pits at the safari zone for free-ranging animals and built special ramps in the display arenas to provide respite to animals. “In case animals become exhausted due to excessive heat, they can run to enclosures fitted with coolers abutting the display arena. The floor of the birds' enclosures was already covered with sand so that mist from foggers will dampen it and cool it”, the curator said.

The zoo authorities claimed that they have been treating animals with water laced up with glucose and electoral powder to boost their energy levels and also to avoid dehydration. In addition to this, liberal portions of succulent veggies and fruits, and now summer fruits like watermelon, musk melon etc., and electrolytes, are being provided to animals.

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